9 Facts About Children’s Organization That Will Impress Your Friends

art-423530_1280Teaching your children how to get organized and stay organized is vital to having a peaceful home. Here are 9 tips to clearing the clutter and getting your kids organized:

  1. When organizing your kids’ rooms, keep them in mind. Keep things at a height that they can reach, so that they can help put things away.
  2. If your children are too young to read, use a color coding system or put pictures of the item on the outside of the drawer so that the child can easily match up an item with where it belongs (this system may also work for husbands!)
  3.  If your children have a lot of stuffed animals, keep them up and out of the way with nets that attach to the top corner of a wall.
  4. Don’t feel that you have to keep all the towels in the house in the bathroom. Place just a few bath towels, hand towels and washcloths in the bathroom and store the others in another room. This helps children use their towel for as long as you want them too and prevents the kids getting into the fresh towels
  5. Have a place for each person to put their shoes when they take them off. Color-coded bins help younger children to know where their shoes belong. This central location can help for when children are looking for their shoes each morning. It is keep to keep the area clean and organized daily.
  6. Have a designated place where kids put backpacks, sports gear, jackets, umbrellas, etc. when they come home. You could create an area near the front or back door for hanging coats up and purchase (or build) a bench with storage units underneath for putting other gear.
  7. Put sporting equipment in clear bins with lids. Label the bins. Keep them where the kids can easily get to them, but where they can easily put them up too. Be sure to check the items as the seasons change. Keep winter sports gear in one area, summer in another, etc. Depending on how you have this stored, put winter items on high shelves during summer so children do not get into them and it is a good way to keep them out of the way and safe.
  8. Make it a habit to take everything that doesn’t belong in the car inside the house every evening. That will help keep the car looking clean. Make it fun and the children will enjoy cleaning out their belongings from the car.
  9. Have your children carry their belongings in a bag that they can keep near their seat for when they are in the car. Get them to take their bags inside at least once a week to throw out any trash they have put in there.

Get your family involved. Give the kids responsibilities and create ways to keep them encouraged to continue with the organization. Keep it easy and look at things from their perspective. If they can’t reach the drawer, how can they put their things away?

Keep it fun. Have tidying up the living room made into a game. See how long it takes for the family to clean up an area.

And remember, the easiest way to get organized and stay organized is to be aware of what you bring into the house. The more things you and your kids have, the harder it is to keep everything organized.

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